Now Trending Media Marketing ARE the social media experts, but don’t take our word for it! Check out some of our current and past clients, and their testimonials!

gahi-house Green America Home Inspections, LLC

Goal: This home inspection needed Now Trending Media Marketing to help increase likes, comments, and shares across Facebook and Instagram

Result: With the use of blogs, creative and original posts, and an email campaign, Now Trending Media Marketing raised engagement by over 6%

“They delivered results for my social media marketing and campaigns. Thanks to the team, I grew my business and engagement by astonishing numbers effortlessly.” – Nathan Mcgee, CEO and Head Inspector 

 UMSL Business

Goal: UMSL needed to revamp their Instagram account with fresh, thumb stopping content for the upcoming semester.

Results: With a team of four other other college social media mangers, Now Trending Media Marketing assisted with the set up, follower growth increase from 75 to 300, and overall engagement of the UMSL Business Instagram account. 

“I have witnessed first hand Shantes ability in the classroom on a weekly basis…demonstrates strong marketing knowledge, intuitive management skill, and the overall thirst for knowledge.”-Sarah Dalton, College Professor 

   Moments 2 Kapture 

Goal: Selling services such as photography, videography, and t shirt designs, Momentz 2 Kapture wanted to implement their colorful and vibrant ideas and designs into an equally colorful and engaging social media strategy. 

Results: By introducing Youtube and Snapchat and proper SEO into the mix, Now Trending Media Marketing was able to to increase subscribers from 10 to 118, page likes from 25 to 100, and deepen brand loyalty with a Snapchat watch rate of 82%

“The team was awesome bringing my visions to life in a full blown strategy. They definitely bought life to my YouTube and Snapchat, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”-Kenyotta Clark, Owner and Editor 

Whiskey Raccoons 

Goal: This country/folk/rock band needed a social media manger to help set up a strategy, increase following, and overall brand awareness for their upcoming album. 

Results: By providing overall brand management, blogs and ad campaigns to their Facebook and Instagram accounts, Whiskey Raccoons were able to increase followers by 260 people total, album downloads, and sold merchandise netting over $450 in profit. 

“Working with team has truly been a pleasure. I feel like all my questions were answered and have a better understanding of what having a kick ass social media strategy can really do for your company or business. I loved Shante’s bubbly personality!” – Cara Vonderbrugge, Singer 

    Preparing For Royalty 

Goal: Being a new televising show airing on daytime tv, this company needed Now Trending Media Marketing to assist with overall brand management and social media marketing.

Results: By using proven branding strategies and implementing email marketing and social media marketing, the company was able to package, organize and format, and optimize their idea and set up and schedule for future posting.

“Working with Ms. Gordon has taught me so much about these new forms of marketing and how I can use them for my business. She was truly a blessing to work with and I’m glad to have made a lifelong business partner. ” – Devan Walls, CEO and Tv Personality

     The Glow Up Project 

Goal: This non-for-profit agency wanted to raise awareness and increase volunteer registration for a local fundraiser to help stop crime on the streets, promote education/extracurricular activities, and show young and middle aged kids arts/music related alternatives.

Results: After implementing an intense email marketing and Facebook Ad campaigns, the overall result lead to volunteer registration being fully maxed out, along with raising over $600 towards their cause.

“I can’t thank the team nearly enough for all their hard work, long hours, and drive they used to get our event to where it is now. It was truly a success ” -Kenyotta Clark, Founder and Activist 

       UMSL Accelerate 

Goal: UMSL is known for being one of the best colleges in St. Louis for entrepreneurship and business. With the launch of their new college startup incubator, they needed a team that understood voice, target audience, and had  a great writing style to help with blogging strategy.

Results: With great content and quality backlinks, Now Trending Media Marketing assisted with a blog engagement of over 45%,  deepened blog reader loyalty, and increased overall awareness for the incubator among the students on campus. 

“Their ability to think outside the box has worked tremendously for our company. They have helped the whole staff gain a new understanding of social media. I would recommend her services in a heartbeat” – Dan Lauer, CEO of Water Babies and Head of UMSL Accelerate